Our Stories

All of our teachers have degrees.


I think that I was always destined to work with children. Even as a little girl I would always line up all my dolls and play teacher. When my mom first started the daycare I was a teenager and of course I loved children, but I also really loved working with my mom. She just has so much love, compassion, patients, and I really saw how much love she gave the children in her care at the time. She catered to these children, rocked them in her arms to sleep, cooked 3 meals for them, worked holidays when some parents couldn’t take time off, and she never called a day off. I think as her daughter I really strived to be like her, she is such an incredible woman.
The joy of watching the children grow and change so much is amazing, and the best part of my job. Some of the kids in my preschool room I rocked as babies and gave them bottles, watched them take their first steps, and even say their first words. For me it’s not just a job, but I love making an impact on the lives of the children in my care. I like to help them learn how to write the letter S, or learn how to write their numbers, and there’s just no limits to what they can achieve. Not in preschool and not in life!
~ Larisa


When I started the daycare I never expected it to become this big and to open a center. Originally I started the daycare because working in hospitals was just becoming so depressing. I’m an emotional person and I always got attached to my patients. So I decided to start my own daycare to help kids, and it’s been an amazing job because even though I’m always sad when they leave to go to school I know they’re ready for school so it’s a bitter sweet.
My daughter Larisa has always been my right hand since she was a little girl. Ever since I started the daycare she has worked with me, and she has always been reliable more so than any of the help I had. Since we started working together she has done a wonderful job working with the kids. She’s able to evaluate each child and individualize their work. I see how hard she works to teach them, especially the children that are struggling to grasp skills, she never gives up. Her friends used to always laugh when they would come over because I would talk about the children in my care, and now they laugh at Larisa because she is always talking about our children over the weekend. This center and the children enrolled in it, along with our family, are the most important things to us in our life.
~ Yasmina


Picking the right place to bring your child is very important, and no child care center is perfect. Here at Papillion we try to do our best each and every day. I think it’s important to feel that your child’s teacher and care taker is doing their very best. That is why it is important to communicate with your child’s teacher and form a relationship with them, take the time to get interested in your child’s activities at the center. All of our classrooms have a schedule which is followed, we believe that structure and consistency is important for the development of each child. Children flourish when they are on a schedule or routine, they learn and progress at a much faster pace than children who do not have structure. Also, at Papillion we believe that nutrition is extremely important in order for children to grow healthy and develop properly. If a child doesn’t receive all the proper nutrients and vitamins required each day, there may be negative consequences especially in terms of their growth. So here at Papillion we feed the children organic and nutritious meals 3 times per day, this ensures they will receive the essential nutrition they require to grow and develop healthy and strong.


I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. I teach to the needs of each child so that all learners can feel capable and successful. My classroom is caring, safe, and loving environment where each child can blossom and grow. I allow each child to become responsible members of our classroom community. I have not only a passion for teaching but also a love for being a life long learner, and I want to instill that passion onto my students. Teaching is the most rewarding career that one can place their self within. Having the ability to impact lives and inspire so many children is a reward in itself. School is the beginnings to so many opportunities for a teacher too not only teach the curriculum but to teach life skills that will allow the students to become a positive, respectful, loving and caring productive part of society.” “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell when his influence stops”. – Henry Adams
~ Alesha Kordic