Additional Activites & Programs


Starting at the age of 18 months, all our children are introduced to phonics. Phonics helps children connect sounds to letters. It helps to improve their language and writing ability in the future and as they develop in their early years.


Our children start to explore cooking before the age of 2. Cooking will enhance their abilities in phonological awareness. It also helps children interact and use their hands to explore the world.


We help all of our children explore different languages. The diversity of our center helps children become introduced to other cultures and languages. This enhances their true ability to learn about the world, and build language development skills. Statistically children learn languages better at an early age.

Yoga/ Aerobic Activity

These activities will foster strength, coordination, flexibility, and self control. Children will assume shapes and various animals and plants while exploring areas of kindness, peace, inner strength, and empathy.


Listening to music, singing, and learning rhymes and rhythms is an adventure that we start with infants. This activity helps children learn beats and patterns at an early age. It builds self-esteem and also helps shy children open up.


Our children have fun while building skills in important basics of numbers and counting. Children our taught different level skills in math starting with infancy. Learning how to count and recognition of numbers is just the beginning.


Our children have the opportunity to take ballet, jazz and tap dancing lessons. Dance combines the benefits of physical activity and mental stimulation so the children will be adapting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age.


Our USA Gymnastics Safety Certified instructors bring age and size-appropriate equipment to our weekly classes (available for a nominal fee.) Gymnastics creates a positive, encouraging and non-competitive environment to enrich the children.